How To Feed A Senior offers Senior Nutrition Support in the form of local meal subscriptions tailored specifically to senior dietary needs.  The subscriptions consists of a weekly meal delivered to the home/residence with emphasis on nutrition, personal taste, and client dignity.  Participation is limited so please contact me with regards to your interest.


Grain & Grain

 Participant spoons

Participant spoons

Grain & Grain is a workshop series that combines artisan bread baking and wooden spoon carving, allowing participants to explore the tactile nature of flour and wood. Each class focuses on a specific bread recipe and will begin with the assigned baking lesson plan.  While breads rise/bake, participants will set about carving a wooden spoon.  As participants toggle between the two activities they will come to know both the character of breads and dough as well as the satisfaction of carving their own kitchen tool.  Participants finish the program with a good understanding of artisan bread basics as well as a finished wooden spoon (or two) that they personally carved from a block of wood.

*Accommodations can be made to focus exclusively on flour or wood if necessary.  Please call to discuss options and/or ideas. 


A first hand perspective of a family caregiver managing two parents diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia.  Speaking topics can be tailored to fit your event.  Examples include: 

  • A day in the life... 
  • Techniques & coping mechanisms
  • The choice to provide home-care over a care facility
  • Financial challenges
  • Etc.