New Moon, New Spoon, And New Workshops Coming Soon!

I can’t exactly call this spoon new as it’s been kicking around my shop for well over a year now but I’m so glad it remained because it is gorgeous! (Sometimes they become compost.)  It started out as a demo spoon.  It would accompany me to different workshops and events where I would carved here and there to show various techniques and let students explore the hardness of wood.  This Copper Rivet Serving Spoon is made from walnut wood and is a much harder wood than I usually provide for carving workshops.  Having this on hand helped educate budding spoon carvers around the hardness as a character of wood.

Anyway, this spoon has seen some hands. I can think of at least four individuals that spent considerable time with it, let alone the numerous others that whittled shavings over many months.  With time it developed its charm.  I wish I had some before photos because this piece was perpetually an ugly duckling.  The copper rivets were experimental.  I figured that drilling into this spoon was harmless because no one was attached and if things went south, no big deal.  Even with the added bling the ugly duckling prevailed.  But as many of us experienced in our youth, a little time allows us to grow into our own unique beauty.  Gouges got sanded down reminiscent of healing scares that eventually fade.  We are all a bit awkward as teens but that gradually disappears and we emerge with more refinement and a sense of maturity. A spoon is no different.  It just takes time…

Time transformed this spoon into a remarkable piece of kitchen art and it would be misleading to call it my own.  It’s everyone’s.   A community spoon, with a large bowl and sturdy handle, ready to be of service…  It was fostered beautifully by the generous hands that took the time to add influence, helping to cultivate the design.  I can 100% say this wouldn’t have happened without you!

And speaking of you, I have a couple of workshops coming soon!  The specific details are still coming together but for those of you in the New England area you might want to note the following dates:

October 17th & 18th- Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum in Bristol, RI

I’ll be hosting a Grain & Grain workshop which will include two days of carving and baking.  I taught this class here many moons ago but I’ll be revisiting this fall with a fresh twist. Rather than baking bread as we’ve done in the past, we are going to be making Dutch Babies! You know I love me some Dutch Babies so just imagine my excitement when I got the spin on this request!  And ummm… have you seen the gardens at Blythwold? The location alone should be enough to catch your interest.  It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s a great privilege to be going back after so many years.

October 25th & 26th- The Plant Work Shop, Orleans, MA

Nothing like rolling off one high right? A week later I’ll be heading back to Cape Cod and teaching the Joy of Carving at one of the most organically crafty studios on the east coast!  The Plant Work Shop hosts all kinds of creative events and to be part of their fall line-up again is a dream come true!  This year we are switching things up a little with the first half happening on Friday evening and finishing up on Saturday morning, leaving room for participants to linger as necessary. The real joy of carving is the journey in recognizing your own skill to craft a useful tool from your own hands.  It’s a personal process and lends itself well as an escape from the modern distractions. Having the opportunity to spill into the next day without strict time restraints will help support the meditative qualities carving bestows while fostering a casual social environment to make some new friends. 

Long story short, these workshops are going to be fun!  Keep an eye out for tickets through both Blithewold and the Plant Work Shop as space is limited to 10 participants at each location. You can also check back here as I will continue to update you with more details on my events page as things come together.

See you soon New England!