Let's Build A Dream

Complete this sentence: "When I grow old I...".

It's common to hear "When I grow-up I..." but when was the last time you heard someone talk about their desires for old age. When was the last time you looked far enough into the future so you could see past retirement. I want to know about that version of you. More importantly I want to know more about that version of myself. So, instead of some goals for 2017 I'm setting them for 2047. Let's tack on 30 years and make a daydream for that person. 

When I grow old I'll have long white hair like my mom did. I will live in a rural, small cabin with a small footprint with my love who looks as handsome as the day we met even with the wrinkles. I will be a master gardener and a bee keeper. I will be able to get up off the ground without help and still split my own wood for the oven. The house will smell of fresh bread and the hours will pass with hobbies and craft that reflect a skill that can only be acquired with practice and time. I will have learned patience. I'll be both flexible and strong for my age. I won't be on any medications and I will cook for my friends. I'll take outdoor showers, make up my own sacred rituals, and connect more to the earth than ever before as it will await to receive me in rest.