Insane in the brain...

Insane in the brain...

At times I wonder whose brain is really the one in question.  Is it my parents’ with this diagnosis, or my own going nonstop, constantly seeking a way out?  With Alzheimer’s it’s all about amyloid this and tau that, proteins in the brain causing communication disruptions.  Sure, science is leading that charge, but who is navigating the field for the home front? 

The day in and day out of my routine here makes me question what misfires are happening in my own head, yielding a more personal version of “cognitively challenged”. Follow my mom or dad around for a day and you will quickly realize something is off.  But following me around following them and the story gets more interesting. 

Apparently, I too am someone that cannot grasp “learning” as I am the one repeatedly irritated that the refrigerator door is left open.  Again!  This repetition angers me.  I am frustrated with the patterns that they are somehow bound to repeat and for whatever reason, I struggle in learning how to accept this. Struggle with remembering that this is their illness.  Each and every time I scold in hast, reprimanding actions, that I should know by know they cannot help.  Where is my own logic?  What has become of my own common sense?  Why is it that I am also bound to repeat these patterns?

 “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein