Recipes For Life

It's exhausting to carry a heavy heart and never put it down. You start to wonder what it holds, examining which parts are disposable and unnecessary or even replaceable.  Everything is becoming murky.  Everything feels like a mix of tragedy and destruction in the wake of natural disasters, nuclear threats, terrorism, and politics.  Its never felt like a more important time to rise to the occasion and stand up for what you believe.  But what do you believe? 

We are all hurting.  Circumstances aside, I think it's safe to say there is a collective hurt but now what?!  I've been stewing in my own misfortune long enough to realize there is no rescue committee for your life and if you want to feel better you have to do better.  There is no recipe or instruction book on how to pick-up the pieces. You just start picking them up.  Put things together, create piles, salvage what you can and move on.  There is no greater leader right now than you and there is no better time than now.  Ready?

Curry Soup.jpg

PS- This is a green pea curry soup with house croutons and chives, topped with a drizzle of garam masala brown butter.  You don't need a recipe, just initiative. ;)